Honors Institute

Program Vision

It is our desire to create a program that seeks to understand, support and serve the gifted learner by fostering his or her innate talents and deliberately stretching them beyond their comfort zones through the use of a cohort learning model that emphasizes and prioritizes the development of 21st century learning skills, which include a focus on collaboration, critical thinking, communication, creativity, career readiness, and technology skill development.

How Is the Vision Facilitated

The vision is/will be facilitated by the use of teachers with a passion and desire to support the gifted learner and who provide an accelerated and advanced coursework program that embeds the use of interdisciplinary projects, competitions, services opportunities, and authentic learning experiences.

Program Criteria

This program seeks to identify students with outstanding scholastic potential who desire a challenge. Interested students may apply through an application process that will include review of the following:

  • A gifted characteristics rating scale to be completed by parents

  • Teacher recommendations

  • Report Card Grades

  • Standardized test scores

  • Student mini-essay responses

Program Expectations

While students who complete the program successfully will conclude with between 5-7 high school credits, all students will have access to the following:

  • Advanced placement coursework in math and science yielding HS credits

  • Accelerated coursework in reading and history

  • World Languages yielding HS credits

Unique elective options like:

  • Future Problem Solvers

  • Debate

  • Public Speaking

  • HI-only student events like:

  • Career Lecture Series

  • After school critical-thinking team challenges

  • Leadership opportunities

  • Field trips

  • And participation in local, county and/or regional competitions

Program Contact: Karen Amos